Class: Heat Exchangers » Plate And Frame Manufacturer: Alfa Laval Model No: MA30-SFM Part Number: 28597 Year Manufactured: 1996 Qty: 1 Description: Plate And Frame Heat Exchanger, Maximum Working Pressure 100 Psi At 200°f, Minimum Temperature -5°f At 100 Psi. Total Square Feet 1129.8, 74 1.0mm Plates, "a" Dimension 912 Mm
DIABON® graphite plate heat exchanger S1 DIABON® graphite plate heat exchanger M10-G DIABON ® graphite plate heat exchanger S10 DIABON ® graphite plate heat exchanger S15 PPI00556EN 1304 Alfa Laval reserves the right to change specifications without prior notification.
Alfa Laval M line of gasketed plate-and-frame heat exchangers are used for high design pressure (>10 bar/145 psi), such as in carbonated beverages. The large range of plate and gasket types comply with Food Contact Materials (FCM) requirements for pasteurization and other heating and cooling duties in hygienic and utility applications in the ...
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